Our Team.

Leaving the business etiquette at home.

Meanwhile, we have liberated more than 37,500 event participants from boring meeting routines, but we are still far away from reaching our goal. Every day, we combine hospitality service with an outstanding feel-good atmosphere, design aesthetics and functionality. There’s one thing the team is absolutly sure of: Everybody deserves an unforgettable team event!


Founder and CEO


“Our individually designed rooms transport our guests to different themed worlds. This makes even a working day feel like a little inspirational journey – out of the familiar environment.”

Lukas | Management Team | smartvillage


People & Culture


“I am deeply impressed by the warm atmosphere at smartvillage. Everyone can thrive and develop here. Diversity, warmth and openness are written in capital letters – values that are very close to my heart.”

Markus | People & Culture | smartvillage




“I always find inspiration in our space “Berghain”. It offers a unique atmosphere with many natural materials and also serves as an example for our sustainable and circular space concept – “The Evergreen Concept”.”

Thomas | Finance Management | smartvillage


Customer Success


“The icing on the cake? For me, this includes our different after-work specials with fun guarantee.”

Robert | Customer Success | smartvillage


Customer Success


“At a cooking event in our “Hell’s Kitchen” – as a supplement to a workshop day – our guests not only taste the home-cooked dishes, but also the sweet note of cohesion and team spirit!”

Nico | Customer Success | smartvillage


Community Management


smartvillage is a place that is incredibly rich in formative personalities and interesting stories. This diversity inspires not only me in my work, but also our guests on site!

Wenke | Community Management | smartvillage


Community Management


“Guest satisfaction comes first! We want our guests to write their own magical event story. We see ourselves as partners and experts in one!”

Freddy | Community Management | smartvillage


Community Management


“smartvillage captivates with lovingly decorated rooms and an atmosphere that always exudes a special magic depending on the season! My favourite season: Christmas!”

Laura | Community Management | smartvillage


Project Management


“We have many examples on the client side that show that our agile room design has contributed greatly to the success of a workshop.”

Carlo | Project Management | smartvillage
Gerd | Management Team | smartvillage


Founder and CEO


“smartvillage is the perfect place for companies that want to invest more in their most valuable resource – their employees.”

Thomas | Management Team | smartvillage


CFO and Managing Partner


“Weather it’s a cookig event in our loft kitchen, or a Christmas party with the whole team at the End of the year – smartvillage is a place for unforgettable team-building days!

Pia | People & Culture | smartvillage


Finance and People & Culture


“Lots of cool people and a different adventure every day – thats smartvillage for me! My favourite place? Our café – combining freshly brewed coffee, interesting conversations and a sense of community.”

Caio | Customer Success | smartvillage


Customer Success


“My goal: Turning room bookers into true heroes! At the end of the day, they should get the credit for choosing the best location for their team.”

Laurens | Customer Success | smartvillage


Customer Success


“At smartvillage you will experience individual and heartfelt care every day, tailored to your needs and wishes. I love that we pull together with our guests – from the booking to the event on site!”

Maxi | Marketing | smartvillage




“Welcome to your playground! This is much more than a slogan – it embodies a team spirit that stands for playful productivity and innovative thinking! A mentality that also rubs off on our guests!”

Chris | Community Management | smartvillage


Community Management


Sustainability is reflected in all areas – both in the room design and in the food & beverage area. Our variety of vegetarian and vegan options will make even hardcore meat lovers go into raptures.

Sugi | Community Management | smartvillage


Community Management


“At smartvillage, our guests appreciate our flexibility and creative approach. As event experts with a lot of experience, we always have tailor-made solutions up our sleeves!”

Markus | Project Management | smartvillage

Markus S.

Project Management and Business Development


In the middle of the smartvillage heart sparkles my ultimate favourite place – the legendary champagne bar! It’s the perfect place for a hip after-work event or a teambuilding activity after an intense team workshop!

Markus | Community Management | smartvillage

Markus M.

Project & Community Management


“Nothing fills me with more joy than seeing our guests go home with a smile and knowing that we have made your day a little more beautiful with our hospitality.” 

smartvillage – An ecosystem of NEW-WORK enablers.

We see ourselves as business enablers for the working world of the future. With our sustainably-grown ecosystem of outfitters, event managers, architects, and new-work specialists, we design agile working environments that challenge the status quo of seminars, workshops, and corporate events. We are convinced: home office or the “classic office” might be suitable places for productive work, but we’ll need a hotspot for physical encounters, communication, and creativity as well. A place like smartvillage. 

Our history: From coworking to a hotspot of agile meeting-culture 

We’ve always been ignited by the idea of redefining the way people work with each other. When we started our coworking adventure six years ago, we were pioneers for a new understanding of work. We replaced hierarchical thinking and business etiquette with empathy, unconventional designs, and collaboration. The vision of our founders: Creating a place for interpersonal interaction and better collaboration that feels like “home”.  

Three years later, we brought the “community character” of coworking to the meeting world and radically turned the traditional meeting industry upside down. At this time, we had no idea how quickly we would reach our goal of establishing smartvillage as second home for teams from different branches. Today, our workshop campus in Munich – opened in 2018 – is a well-known meeting point for exciting encounters, openness, and genuine experiences. With our 2019-opened second location in Finland, smartvillage already offers two individual spaces for unforgettable event experiences. Shaped by people and experiences. Designed for future-ready work.

Our values

smartvillage is #HOME. 

We are who we are – away from roles, hierarchies, and masquerade. We’re strong when we trust each other. One team, one goal. Our guests are part of the story and contribute to the uniqueness of our locations with their own personalities. 


Our passion is #REAL. 

We enjoy hospitality service and respond professionally and individually to each of our visitors. We are drunk with joy because of what we do. Authentically, we give our best every day and inspire the smartvillage community with our passion. 

Workshopraum Danzig I smartvillage Bogenhausen München 04


We are grateful for our privileges and committed to complete climate neutrality as one of the pioneers in the meeting industry. Our Sustainability Task Team is working hard to make smartvillage a greener company and develops projects that have an equally positive impact on employees, our environment, our society, and our customers.  


#BOLDLY, we design our future. 

We are pioneers for unconventional and innovative business ecosystems. We are driven by opportunity and potential. Challenges ignite our creativity. We take risks in order to continually reinvent smartvillage and remain successful.

Press contact

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Do you need further information or more images? Then feel free to write an E-Mail to marketing@smart-village.com. We’re looking forward to your interest!


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