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Creating an inspiring hotspot for collaboration

smartvillage Workshop rooms

Together with our real estate client MEAG, we planned and realized the smartvillage@HTC Waterfront, an open and modern space for collaboration. The HTC Waterfront in Espoo impresses with a phenomenal view of the sea and is rented by a colorful mix of coworkers, startups, and larger companies. From the idea to the groundbreaking to the daily billing, we were able to create a hotspot for collaboration for the residents of HTC Waterfront as well as for external parties. But why?

LOCATION: Espoo, Finland
GOAL: Design concept & realization of collaborative workplaces/ Improvement of the building’s attractiveness/ Hospitality service on site
CONCEPT AND TRANSFORMATION: smartvillage GmbH, Jutta Reidl InteriorDesign

Projekte Finnland Espoo

A smartvillage within the real estate portfolio of MEAG should increase the attractiveness of the building to tenants through additional services and a warm-hearted hospitality mentality. We came into play because the requirements of the companies located there increasingly require a rethink from the landlord’s point of view. On the one hand, the service quality of a building is becoming increasingly important, offices complexes should also focus on recreating their space into more open areas with a clear focus on communication and collaboration. smartvillage, with its many years of experience as a space operator and as a hospitality specialist, was able to score points with both challenges. And offer solutions.

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Our method

  1. Analysis of the user behavior
  2. Design concept with different room modules
  3. Reconstruction 
  4. Community/User feedback
  5. Adaptation of the feedback to the premises
  6. Opening event
Our Lapland Lounge at smartvillage

Flexibility meets Community-Feeling 

The smartvillage@HTC Waterfront impresses with a mix of two space modules:

  1. “Team experience”-Module: For this, we created a light-filled open coffee area where visitors of the smartvillage@HTC Waterfront can share ideas and toast to successful workdays. Since community spirit and well-being are part of our core workplace philosophy, this area is supposed to bring the social factor and coziness into focus.
  2. “Agile Workshop” Module: Our 7 individual workshop rooms provide agile spaces for ideas and collaboration. Here you will find mobile furniture and tools such as flipcharts, whiteboards, etc., which can be easily moved and flexibly arranged for different work scenarios.


Finnland Workspaces


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