From static workplaces to an agile new-work environment 

Morphosys Projekt

LOCATION: Planegg, Munich
GOAL: Recreating office space into an activity-based working environment 
CONCEPT AND TRANSFORMATION: smartvillage GmbH, Jutta Reidl InteriorDesign, IDI

If everyone works at home or elsewhere, what is the point of having an office? That was the question raised by MorphoSys, when they were faced with almost deserted office spaces in 2020. While employees enjoyed working from home at the beginning of the pandemics, they meanwhile miss a change of scenery, interpersonal contacts, spontaneous exchanges, and collaborative projects on site from time to time. 

All this cannot be entirely replaced even by a well-functioning remote working culture. So, the office didn’t become irrelevant. In fact, it is becoming an essential component of a hybrid workplace strategy. However, the demands on the office have changed significantly and require more flexibility, focus on collaboration, and a feel-good atmosphere. That’s where we came into the game.  

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From design planning to realization 

 Our method 

  1. Analysis of work requirements 
  2. Development of a design concept with five activity-based working modules
  3. Reconstruction phase 1
  4. Feedback and analysis of user behavior and satisfaction
  5. Reconstruction phase 2
  6. Opening event
Neue Räume bei Morphosys

Modules for different working settings

Activity-based working gives people choices about how, when, and where they work. According to the nature of what they are doing, people need a variety of work settings supported by the right technology and culture. We have analyzed the ways of working at MorphoSys and derived 5 room modules –  for an optimized working environment depending on the requirements. 


“Team Experience” module: Focus on team feeling and corporate culture (e.g. community kitchens)

“Agile Workshop” module: Agile rooms with mobile furniture such as flipcharts, whiteboards, and co.

“Hybrid Workshop” module: Rooms for hybrid meetings

“Focus-Time” module: Zones with quiet seating for silent work, private 1:1 conversations, or personal exchanges in small groups

“Escape” module: Temporary overflow space for short-term activities



Recreating workspaces of tomorrow at MorphoSys! !

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