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The Evergreen Concept – Circular Together

        Every year, millions of tons of furniture are discarded by consumers and businesses. Under current models of consumption, one single workspace can represent between 300 – 700 pounds of potential waste – leading to 19M tons of office furniture wasted every year in the US and EU alone. At smartvillage, we’re […]

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Introducing our new Managing Partner: Thomas Rumann

It’s a new year, and we’ve decided it’s a good time to introduce Thomas Rumann as the new Managing Partner and CFO at smartvillage. Thomas will step into the shoes of Lukas, our co-founder and former CEO.

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Fellow CEO’s, here’s why our founder can travel the world and still be part of the company

Lukas – our current CEO and founder – will leave his CEO role to realize a long-awaited dream to go traveling for one year. Our reactions? A mixture of astonishment, support, gratitude, and a common feeling that he should pursue his dream. The overall belief, that we – as a New-Work company – will make it work, that a founder, who travels the world, will remain part of everything. Even if it’s in a different way.

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Let’s recreate the workspaces of tomorrow at MorphoSys!

After 1,5 years of mainly working out of the home office, smartvillage supports MorphoSys on their way to a more open and flexible office concept and accompanies the transformation into a modern new-work environment.  

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smartvillage’s journey to climate neutrality

smartvillage is happy to announce, that we’re officially climate neutral from now on! We were always convinced that paying off our emissions has to be the second step after changing as much as possible in our daily processes before! By sharing our journey, we hope to inspire others to follow, as we have been inspired by others before.

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Shaping the future of work – why smartvillage and OBJECT CARPET are a perfect match

smartvillage is incredibly happy to announce the official partnership with OBJECT CARPET – a leading supplier of high-quality carpets operating across Europe and worldwide. The first joint project: the first agile workspace in Germany, that consists out of 100% recycled products. Zero-Waste. For generations to come, and work environments to last.

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Clubbing with the team – performing even better. The smartvillage Club Office.

Working remotely is a mixed blessing. The smartvillage Club Office is a rentable “flex space” solution that offers small to medium-sized teams the perfect complement to „remote work“ or home office to temporarily meet and collaborate.

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Zukunftsvision für smartvillage 

Lukas – einer unserer Geschäftsführer – denkt über die Zukunft des smartvillage nach der Corona-Krise nach. Diese Zeit wird uns als Workshop- und Eventcenter verändern. War das die notwendige Krise, die diese Branche gebraucht hat?

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Was ein Coffee-Talk bei smartvillage bewirken kann

Wir haben uns mit unseren Bewohner*innen zu einem virtuellen Coffee-Talk getroffen. Die Lage ist unübersichtlich und verunsichernd. Für alle. Die Quintessenz dafür umso deutlicher: Lasst uns neu denken, ohne das große Ganze aus den Augen zu verlieren!

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Unser 4-Phasen-Plan, um Corona als Team zu überwinden!

Das smartvillage funktioniert nur, da wir ein starkes Team sind. Ein Team, das sich auffängt und auch in unsicheren Zeiten zusammenhält. Unsere Herausforderung ist es, unseren Teamgeist trotz physischer Isolation aufrechtzuerhalten. Gleichzeitig wollen wir jeden einzelnen Mitarbeiter während dieser Zeit unterstützen. Wir haben vier Phasen mit konkreten Ideen zusammengetragen!

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