The Evergreen Concept

A fully sustainable design and furnishing concept 

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Every year, up to 19 million tons of office furniture end up being discarded in the EU and the US alone. The common challenge is to move from a linear to a circular approach for our workspace design: from MAKE-TAKE-WASTE to LAST. 


For us, unconventional design and sustainability are essential core elements of our startup DNA. Together with partners, outfitters, and new-work specialists, we design working environments of tomorrow, from design planning and realization to coaching in the new-work sector. In our latest project “THE EVERGREEN CONCEPT” we have created an innovative, sustainable design and furnishing concept together with our partners Haworth, StyleGreen, VANK, Organoid, and OBJECT CARPET: 

Circular Together

True to the motto “Circular Together”, THE EVERGREEN CONCEPT represents a lighthouse project in terms of circular economy and the zero-waste approach. In the first pilot project – the meeting space Berghain – the durability of the furniture and materials used was defined as the primary selection criterion. 

  • Upcycled 
  • Made entirely from natural materials 
  • 100% recycled 
  • Unpublished prototypes or old stock saved from the bin 

Our smartvillage captivates with its ” imperfect-perfect ” design, which is the result of our sustainability approach: we upcycle, recycle and remanufacture materials and furniture elements that have some years under their belt. Sometimes not everything matches perfectly, but it goes back to our ambition to fight the throwaway culture in the furniture industry. For the realization of THE EVERGREEN CONCEPT, we relied on our established partners as we are united by the same vision: turning circular thinking into powerful design solutions. 

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Sustainability without compromises on design 

THE EVERGREEN CONCEPT shows that sustainability does not require any compromise in terms of aesthetics and functionality. On the contrary. 

Nature-based environments inspire humans to create something new, awaken our senses through different smells and haptic experiences, and are therefore also a breeding ground for innovation. Ultimately, nature-based environments also improve our well-being – scientifically proven – as they strengthen the connection between people and nature and provide a valuable contrast to our fast-paced and digital working world. 

We are happy that we could set the first milestone for more sustainable work environments with THE EVERGREEN CONCEPT. Now, we’re ready to realize further projects with our proven approach and strong partners. If you are about to rethink your working environment or office in more sustainable ways, we’re happy to talk! True to our motto “Circular Together”, we’re ready to go on this journey together with you! 

Our Magazin

Here you can download our magazine about THE EVERGREEN CONCEPT and learn more about the used products, materials, and involved partners. 


For generations to come. 
And work environments to last.

Digitale ud hybride Möglichkeiten kennenlernen!

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