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Veröffentlicht 20. Dezember 2021

Let’s recreate the workspaces of tomorrow at MorphoSys!





LOCATION: Planegg, near Munich
DESIGN: smartvillage design “Perfect – Unperfect” by Jutta Reidl                                                                                 

CONCEPT AND TRANSFORMATION: smartvillage GmbH, Jutta Reidl InteriorDesign, IDI



Headquartered near Munich, MorphoSys  is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development, and delivery of innovative therapies for people living with cancer and autoimmune diseases. After 1,5 years of mainly working out of the home office, smartvillage supports MorphoSys on their way to a more open and flexible office concept and accompanies the transformation into a modern new-work environment. 

One thing was incredibly important to us: smartvillage stands for way more than just refurnishing workspaces. We work with our clients to enhance their own understanding of their corporate culture, promote employee commitment, and create spaces that truly make a change.


What is a workplace transformation?  


“The kind of work we do today is radically different than the work we did even 10 years ago or – with an even stronger current reference – since Corona has changed the way we work. Corporate offices have to adapt and change to meet evolving workplace strategies and drive corporate growth. A workplace transformation is the rethinking of flexible workspaces to accommodate different kinds of work, people, and technology.” Gerd Krohn, founder and New Work specialist at smartvillage GmbH

What was the goal of the workplace transformation? 

First of all, the new room designs and functionalities should attract the employees of MorphoSys back to the office and raise new excitement about it. Secondly, they should fuel innovation and creativity, and foster physical connections after a long time with predominantly working out of the home office and remotely. We also wanted to create a place that delivers an equitable experience for everyone in every team, no matter where they work – in the office or remotely.  

 Since MorphoSys has many different departments with different needs and preferences, the new workplaces should provide new possibilities for focusing, collaborating, meeting digitally, and socializing. It also should thoughtfully integrate furniture, design, and – last but not least – technology that helps to bring all the elements together.


How does the MosphoSys workplace transformation project look like?  

The project was split into different phases. After a kick-off workshop with the smartvillage project team and the leadership team of MorphoSys, we started planning and realizing phase 1 of the transformation – including a big hallway that’s supposed to be a vibrant community area for spontaneous and informal meet-ups, two agile workshop rooms for physical and hybrid meetings and a Community Kitchen that’s supposed to be a social anchor point within the headquarter for personal interactions, networking, or special events (e.g. birthdays, or company’s celebrations).


After phase 1 and some additional workshops, where we analyzed the needs and requirements of each departmentsmartvillage and its amazing ecosystem of designers and outfitters will start with phase 2 of the transformation, where we’ll transform three more floors into future-ready activity-based working areas. Besides the design planning and reconstruction of the workspaces, smartvillage is supporting MorphoSys during the process on a cultural level as well, e.g., with coachings in the field of New Work. Our biggest goal: Having everybody on board and full of excitement!

The new spaces should enhance creativity and collaboration.
workplace transformation at Morphosys!
The community kitchen – called „Stub’n“ – is supposed to be a meeting place for informal encounters, networking, and team highlights!

design concept: A travel diary through the world’s climate zones

smartvillage design is well-known for its “perfect-unperfect” approach where we combine different setups that foster a feel-good atmosphere and strengthen the feeling of work like home. Our smartvillage in-house interior designer Jutta Reidl always paid attention to evoking feelings such as intimacy, and well-being, through textiles, design elements, and specific color effects that are often inspired by nature or the diversity of our earth in general.
Concerning MorphoSys, we created a design concept that is an interplay of individually themed areas, based on the five vegetation zones. This means, that each floor has its individual Alpine, Nordic, Mediterranean, Desert-like, or jungle design concept. Already in a few months, the MorphoSys employees can eventually travel the world. From Canada – inhaling the Indian Summer vibe – to Lapland – seeing the Northern Lights – to the inspiring jungle in the tropics – rich of exotic plants and high-contrast color combinations. 

Our MorphoSys design concept!
Our MorphoSys workplace design concept is based on the earth’s five climate zones!
The MorphoSys employes enjoy their new agile workplaces!
The MorphoSys employees enjoy their new agile workplaces!
Small details make the difference. A distinctive design feature in smartvillage design.

At the same time, and since innovation is the core of MorphoSys identity, we also created spaces that should surprise. Spaces that cry out to be discovered. A work atmosphere that should enhance thinking out-of-the-box without making compromises in its needed work functionalities.


„The office building is located in the middle of a beautiful landscape in the valley of the river ”Würm” – surrounded by forests and green fields. When I had this great view into nature for the very first time, I knew that these rooms should make it possible to travel the world.“ Jutta Reidl, smartvillage’s inhouse interior designer


After we have had workshops with the different departments, one thing became clear to us quite quickly: We needed an overall concept that captures a variety of different work styles and personal preferences and – even more importantly – is flexible enough to react to newly emerging needs. Therefore, we defined the following workplace modules:

Our workplace modules!
Our four different workplace modules are suitable for different working styles and personal preferences!


Who are we realizing this with?  


We see ourselves as business enablers for the working world of the future. But it’s always more fun when we have our amazing partners – outfitters, event managers, architects, and new work specialists – on board. Together with smartvillage’s creative head Gerd Krohn,  JuttaReidl – InteriorDesign laid the foundation for the transformation with her extraordinary designs. Furthermore, our long-term partner IDI took over the coordination with our partners. One of them is  OBJECT CARPET, with whom we were able to bring our design visions to life through creative textile floorings. Furthermore, Haworth’s  furniture allowed us to combine functionality with our aesthetical requirements. Last but not least, by having VANK on board, we found advanced acoustic solutions that look simply amazing. 

A big thanks to our project partners!
A big thanks to our project partners!


A big thanks to all of you! We can’t wait to put together all our knowledge, talent, passion, and craftsmanship to start with phase 2 with you! 

One last thing is especially important: Without the commitment, collaboration, and trust from our client MorphoSys, this project wouldn’t be possible. For now, we wish all the MorphoSys employees one thing in particular: EXCITEMENT! Not only your laboratories are suitable for experiments! The new spaces are your playground! Explore it, discover it, and have fun!

Ready to check out the new workspaces at the "Jungle".
The MorphoSys employees are ready to check out the new workspaces at the „Jungle“.