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Creating working environments that are inspiring, collaborative and sustainable.

The demands on our office spaces have changed. In a world where people can work from anywhere, office design is about flexibility, freedom of choice, and a sense of community. We help companies to adapt their spaces to meet the newly emerged needs of their employees. We create work environments that truly inspire, have a sense of home,

and yet can quickly adapt to new demands. Places that are attractive and can be experienced positively by everyone through a maximum of flexibility for different work styles. We make sure that your office is transformed from a place of work into a company’s cultural hotspot – full of values, a sense of “we” and team spirit.

Our projects


Planegg: Design planning and realization of a new work environment

smartvillage has accompanied Morphosys on its way to a more open and flexible office concept. The new working environment at MorphoSys enables future-oriented work, meets the newly emerged needs, and ultimately gives everyone a convincing reason to return to the office full of anticipation – especially after the pandemics. The design concept: a journey through the different climatic zones of our earth.

Recreating workspaces of tomorrow at MorphoSys! !
The Evergreen Concept - Video


Munich: Conception of a fully sustainable room design concept

Every year, up to 99 million tons of office furniture end up in the trash in the US and EU alone. So the common challenge for the industry is to move from a predominantly linear to a circular approach regarding our workspace design. That’s why, together with strong partners, we have launched an innovative, sustainable design and furnishing concept “THE EVERGREEN CONCEPT” – for generations to come, and work environments to last.

HTC Waterfront

Finland: Planning and operation of agile meeting spaces

The HTC Waterfront is a modern office building in Espoo with a breathtaking view over the sea and a colorful mix of startups, coworkers, and established companies. Our task: The smartvillage in the heart of the building should become the central meeting place for meetings and workshops and enhance the attractiveness and service experience of the location for tenants.

Our Lapland Lounge at smartvillage

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