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Shaping the future of work – why smartvillage and OBJECT CARPET are a perfect match





smartvillage is incredibly happy to announce the official partnership with OBJECT CARPET – a leading supplier of high-quality carpets operating across Europe and worldwide. Together we’re on a common path towards sustainability and extraordinary interior designs for future workplaces. Nearly 50 years of passion for carpets meets a startup culture ready to shape the future of work. With a player like OBJECT CARPET, we have a strategic design partner at our side, with whom we can further develop our current and future workplace projects in a sustainable, unique, and unmistakable style.


One of the first joint projects: our room Berghain will be the first agile workspace in Germany, that consists out of 100% recycled products and is intended to be a German lighthouse project in terms of circularity in the meeting place. This means, our Berghain will be completely „DESIGNED4RECYCLING“. Zero-Waste. For generations to come, and work environments to last.



Gerd, Lukas, Martin from Object Carpet and our interior designer Jutta during their brainstorming session about circularity in the meeting place.
The smartvillage founder’s team Gerd and Lukas, Marketing Director Martin from Object Carpet, and our interior designer Jutta during their brainstorming session about circularity in future meeting places.

A common history behind – a bigger vision ahead

Already 15 years ago, our interior designer Jutta Reidl has intuitively chosen OBJECT CARPET for one of her projects. „At smartvillage, we consider ourselves as living ecosystem – for startups, SME’s and bigger companies. Therefore, we need tailor-made design products that strengthen that feeling of being alive and being home”, says Jutta.  Since our coworking space has changed into a campus for new-work meetings, textile flooring got established as an indispensable recognition feature of our space design.


Today, OBJECT CARPET shapes the appearance of more than 700 m2 of individually designed meeting rooms. Besides our space in Munich, OBJECT CARPET was used for turning 600 m2 at HTC Waterfront at Espoo, Finland, into agile workspaces. Right now, OBJECT CARPET is also an essential design element in one of our current corporate transformation processes at the headquarter of the biopharmaceutical company MorphoSys. smartvillage and its amazing ecosystem of designers, New-Work specialists, and outfitters are transforming their offices into future-ready and activity-based work areas. After phase 1, we’re now starting with Phase 2 – 2000 m2 and exciting times ahead of us.



Our OBJECT CARPET selection for our current workplace transformation project at MorphoSys!


What does our choice of carpet tell?

Finding the right product selection is tough. Each of our eight individually designed rooms has a specific interior concept – unique in its color scheme and texture. It is hardly surprising, that our OBJECT CARPET selection in smartvillage Munich is the result of a lot of creativity, revelry in the world of colors, thinking outside the box, and ultimately, working collaboratively in creating the best spatial effect for our daily guests.


In the first place, we’ve primarily paid attention to evoking feelings such as security, intimacy, and well-being, through our chosen products and their specific color effects – mainly characterized by so-called „natural contrast“ textile coverings. In our „Almhütte„, for instance, we combined harmonious, yet contrasting accents by mixing nature (expressed in a wood-like carpet area) with modern ethnological influences. OBJECT CARPET’s themed carpet worlds that take up natural elements like earth, water, and air, worked perfectly for that.



Our choice of carpet at smartvillage
Our OBJECT CARPET selection in smartvillage Munich is the result of a lot of creativity, revelry in the world of colors, and ultimately, working collaboratively as partners!

Why is this partnership simply a perfect match?

1. Creating an atmosphere that feels like home

The vision of the founders of smartvillage: Creating a place for interpersonal interaction and collaboration that feels like home. Our atmosphere should invite a sense of well-being and allow for security and intimacy. With unconventional design possibilities, carpet is an exciting product for this, and its value is just being rediscovered. Plus, their collections are highlighted vividly in a work environment where you usually do not expect a colorful carpet to shine. Breaking boundaries and creating the unexpected. This sounds like us.


2. Steadily on the green path together 

As smartvillage is committed to being climate neutral, our sustainability task team is working every day on reaching the goal to make smartvillage a greener company and to develop projects that have a positive impact on employees, our environment, society, and our customers. When choosing a long-term outfitter – sustainability is therefore of great relevance.  Did you know that OBJECT CARPET has decided to bring only circular products to the market by 2024? This means 100% recyclable design carpets with no ecological footprint. We’d say, that’s a perfect match, isn’t it? Keeping up with the motto „Yesterday’s trash – today’s resource-saving high-tech fiber“, OBJECT CARPET develops textile flooring made of special fibers that transform waste problems into beautiful interior solutions. For instance, in cooperation with the initiative Healthy Seas and the yarn supplier Aquafil, OBJECT CARPET processes abandoned fishing nets into the textile fiber ECONYL® and therefore contribute directly to the protection of our oceans.



Sustainability in a partnership is important to us!
Since we are climate-neutral from 2022 onwards, the sustainability efforts of our partners are of great relevance to us!

smartvillage is clima neutral from 2022 onwords!
Click on the picture to get more information about our supported carbon offset project!

3. Enabling people for the future of work 

smartvillage works as a business enabler for the future of work. With our sustainably-grown ecosystem of suppliers, event managers, and new-work specialists, we design workplaces of tomorrow. While OBJECT CARPET is our partner for trends regarding new color and design concepts, we create agile work settings that are oriented towards the newly emerged needs of teams and employees. In a time, where communication is – at least to a high extent – taken place digitally, our workspaces should always remain a physical home for personal encounters, communication, and creativity.


“Transferring New-Work into design is an exciting task. With OBJECT CARPET, we feel we have gained a partner who knows the challenges of the future working world, understands our vision and ultimately transfers it to our spaces.“ Gerd Krohn, Founder at smartvillage



Choosing the right carpet
Our smartvillage community gives us feedback on workplace design and its impact on well-being every day. Valuable insights for both partners.


4. Transporting common values through design 

Our customers appreciate our individual and dynamic design. In our design guiding principle „Perfect – Imperfect“, the playfulness of how we understand design, becomes tangible. Deviating from the conventional and giving space to the inner child – this is integrally anchored in our values. Through appropriate design, we want to consciously reduce the distance between people and encourage them to meet at eye level. With OBJECT CARPET’s creative color concepts, many new design possibilities arise for transporting our values. Together we create characteristic room atmospheres that inspire, electrify, and represent what we stand for.


Why is this partnership a perfect match? Because common values built a strong common fundament.
Why is this partnership a perfect match? Because common values built a strong common fundament.

So what’s next? Let’s meet green in Germany’s first „DESIGNED4RECYCLING“ meeting room!

We’re on an exciting and challenging journey to become 100% circular. Under the project title „DESIGNED4RECYCLING“ we’re about to transform our room Berghain into a greener workshop room! With this project, we’ll set the bar for enabling circularity in future meeting places without limiting ourselves in functionality and design. But what does circularity mean? It means that we become a sustainable economy that involves designing and promoting products that last and that can be reused, repaired, and remanufactured. This retains the functional value of products, rather than just recovering the energy or materials they contain and continuously making products anew.


”For over 20 years, we have been systematically looking for reuse and recycling solutions for yarns, carpet production aste and packaging materials.” Martin Böhringer, Marketing Director OBJECT CARPET


We believe, that organizing sustainable events, workshops, or team meetings can build a reputation and demonstrate ownership when companies (that book with us) can give back and reduce their environmental impacts. “People are becoming more and more conscious of the impact their choices have on the planet. We know that resources are limited so we must find smarter ways to use them. It’s about extending the life of products and materials, seeing them as raw materials for the future and eliminating waste at every level.”, says Martin Böhringer – Marketing Director of OBJECT CARPET. Since we consider ourselves as upcycling professionals, we’d say: Challenge accepted!



The concept of circularity
The concept of circularity.



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