Workspaces that move people – 6 Key Take-Aways

      smartvillage has already created many workspaces, at our own locations, but also for client projects. In our Munich spaces alone, we’ve welcomed more than 40.000 guests by now. Since our community has given us a lot of feedback over the years, we feel confident enough to share some key insights on how to move people […]

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Welcome to Munich’s new business hotspot: smartvillage Bogenhausen

      On October 13, 2022, we opened a second location in Munich – the smartvillage Bogenhausen directly next to the well-known Arabella Tower. On 3.500 m², we created 14 creative spaces for workshops, meetings, and events of any size. Since we’ve already welcomed more than 40.000 guests and hosted countless events at our […]

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Introducing our new Managing Partner: Thomas Rumann

It’s a new year, and we’ve decided it’s a good time to introduce Thomas Rumann as the new Managing Partner and CFO at smartvillage. Thomas will step into the shoes of Lukas, our co-founder and former CEO.

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Fellow CEO’s, here’s why our founder can travel the world and still be part of the company

Lukas – our current CEO and founder – will leave his CEO role to realize a long-awaited dream to go traveling for one year. Our reactions? A mixture of astonishment, support, gratitude, and a common feeling that he should pursue his dream. The overall belief, that we – as a New-Work company – will make it work, that a founder, who travels the world, will remain part of everything. Even if it’s in a different way.

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Shaping the future of work – why smartvillage and OBJECT CARPET are a perfect match

smartvillage is incredibly happy to announce the official partnership with OBJECT CARPET – a leading supplier of high-quality carpets operating across Europe and worldwide. The first joint project: the first agile workspace in Germany, that consists out of 100% recycled products. Zero-Waste. For generations to come, and work environments to last.

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Hei! smartvillage eröffnet in Finnland!

Hei! smartvillage eröffnet in Finnland! Uns war schon nach wenigen Tagen in der finnischen Stadt in der Nähe von Helsinki klar: Hier stimmen die Rahmenbedingungen für ein neues smartvillage! – VIKING Mal anders rum!   Hierzulande dürfte „Espoo“ den wenigsten Menschen noch ein Begriff sein. Doch war Espoo weltbekannt, als NOKIA noch in aller Hände war!   Das neue smartvillage@HTCwaterfront liegt inmitten […]

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Talk auf dem Exporttag 2019: Der Nutzen eines „Inhouse smartvillage“

Wenn es um neue Märkte, neue Technologien und neue Chancen geht, zögern wir natürlich nicht. Smartvillage Mitgründer Lukas Koppitz war auf dem Exporttag 2019 in Wien.

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Ein (neuer) kleiner Einblick in die Welt von smartvillage

Videos mag doch jeder, oder? Dieser hier preist nicht den nächsten Streifen aus Hollywood an, sondern gibt uns einen Vorgeschmack auf das ultimative New-Work-Erlebnis im smartvillage.

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