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Clubbing with the team – performing even better. The smartvillage Club Office.




Now, well into the pandemic, the limitations and the benefits of remote work are clearer than ever before. The need to go to the „traditional“ office is becoming a conscious decision – predominantly guided by certain tasks that are much more effectively done in person. While productive individual work can be done from home, the future of the workplace will be shaped by agile and creative work tasks that require collaboration and personal interaction. After 1.5 years of the pandemic, one thing is for sure: if we want to ensure our corporate culture, keep up the team spirit, or honestly take care of our employee’s well-being, personal meetings will always be essential in a more and more digitalized working world.



What is the smartvillage Club Office?

The smartvillage Club Office is a rentable “flex space” solution that offers small to medium-sized teams the perfect complement to „remote work“ or home office to temporarily meet and collaborate. Ultimately, the Club Office is a physical home base for teams. A place that’s shaped by the future of workplace requirements.


„In the smartvillage Club Office, we have the chance to meet colleagues in person, and not just via video call, we can feel the team spirit, our values, and our company vision,“ says Marie – Team Assistant of the Munich-based startup air up.


Club Office at smartvillage
For the Munich-based startup air up, the Club Office is a place for excitement, collaboration, and fun.

The advantages of working from anywhere 

With 18 months of remote work under our belts, the positives of „remote work“ are obvious. While employees continuously benefit from all the advantages of a fixed employment contract, working from anywhere comes with an unbeatable plus in flexibility and self-determination. Due to powerful laptops, intranets, video calls, and secure data transfer nobody needs to be tied to a fixed physical workplace.


“Why suffer through the winter temperatures in Germany when you can spend the winter in Mallorca at 20 degrees? As long as we have a stable Internet connection, we can also answer emails from the hotelroom and coordinate with colleagues via Teams. We trusted our people, and the last 1.5 years have shown how well it works,“ says Marie from air up.  


In addition to flexibility, there are much more pragmatic reasons why we should never stop offering remote working options anymore. Employees who are temporarily tied to their homes by children or relatives in need of care can finally continue to work. Long-distance relationships can suddenly become less stressful with flexible home office days, there’s less commuting in polluted cities, the environment is relieved, and ultimately the transport-related costs for companies and employees are decreasing. The enthusiasm is therefore well-founded and the motivations clear.



A mixed blessing – The drawbacks of remote work 

Despite the great euphoria for flexible working, it also raises a vast array of challenges for employees and employers. Especially for teams that are used to collaborate closely, working remotely can weaken the team feeling – and become a critical communicative and cultural test.


As a social meeting hotspot, the office plays an important role for the mental health and well-being of employees. 73% of respondents in a study conducted by Founders Forum miss the social interaction among colleagues; 51% miss out on collaborating and 40% suffer from „leavism“; meaning that they have problems separating their work from their personal lives.


One thing is for sure: with the loss of our fixed workplace, we might miss our fixed seat neighbour, the pep-talk at the lunch date, and this one colleague, who regularly proved to have the best relationship advice. You get my point.


At the same time, many people – especially the not-so-extraverted ones – value the workplace as a place of routine and security. A place to see faces they’re familiar with – leading to the point that working from anywhere isn’t suitable for everyone. In addition to employee’s challenges, managers naturally face problems as assessing and ultimately evaluating the work quality or the employee’s satisfaction. Especially when it comes to welcoming new team members appropriately, the question arises if and to what extent the company culture can be internalized when the onboarding of a colleague takes place via video-call and if the headquarter is only known from website pictures.



Combining the best of both worlds with the Club Office

Working remotely is a mixed blessing. We no longer want to give up flexibility, but we also don’t want to lose our sense of belonging to something. It’s clear: the future of work is hybrid – also confirmed by 72% of home workers in a study conducted by McKinsey.


Mitigating the psychosocial stresses of „remote work“ and „home office“, while at the same time creating a contemporary flexible office concept for the post-pandemic workspace; that was our approach when we designed our Club Office product.


We looked at the challenges of working from anywhere and derived requirements for the development of our Club Office from this. We defined the following points as the most important drivers to compensate the remote work’s drawbacks: Feel-good atmosphere, agile and inspiring spaces, experience quality and a feeling of belonging.


Business leaders are on the brink to accommodate, what employees want: The best of both worlds.
Business leaders are on the brink to accommodate, what employees want: The best of both worlds.


How can companies and employees benefit from the smartvillage Club Office?

1.) Flexibility

2.) Team’s home base

4.) Experience and community factor

5.) Better employee satisfaction and commitment

6.) Retaining and attracting talent

7.) Fix cost efficiency (pay per use monthly)


Who is the smartvillage Club Office suitable for? 

Creative teams 

smartvillage Club Office can play a central role for creatively working teams in a company. Face-to-face interaction, inspiring brainstorming sessions, and access to agile tools and methods are essential for generating the best ideas.


„Remote-only“ companies (not renting an own office) 

At the same time, Club Office is suitable for remote-only companies that don’t want to miss out on face-to-face meetings and in-person collaboration every now and then.


Fast-growing startups 

Rapid growth makes it difficult to calculate current office needs. Steadily growing startups like air up can better manage their dynamic space needs with a temporarily rented Flex-Office. Plus, as a „remote-first“ company, air up appreciates the experience factor of an external „off-site“ location for occasional personal meetings.


Companies that are reducing corporate space 

Lastly, the Club Office is also suitable for anyone who has reduced traditional office space or is rethinking their workplace structures towards a more hybrid working model. With smartvillage Club Office everybody can evaluate how working from anywhere — including external #thirdplaces like smartvillage — might work for the own company.


smartvillage offers a future workplace models
It’s about redesigning the workplace focus and about flexibility.

How does the smartvillage Club Office work?

We customize your Club Office to your needs – rentable on a monthly basis for one or several times a week. It is a temporary rentable „flex space“ where we combine a private office with access to all shared spaces – community feeling and experience factor included. One thing is certain: after trying out Club Office, everyone – managers and employees alike – will notice that clubbing with the team does not lead to a loss in performance. In fact, the opposite is true.


smartvillage Club Office
The air up team is combining productivity with break-out sessions and fun.

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