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Veröffentlicht 20. Januar 2022

Introducing our new Managing Partner: Thomas Rumann





It’s a new year, and we’ve decided it’s a good time to introduce Thomas Rumann as the new Managing Partner and CFO at smartvillage. Since hierarchies and official position descriptions aren’t really our style, Thomas will – at least within the team – forever remain our „numbers wizard“. Effective January 13, Thomas will step into the shoes of Lukas, our co-founder and former CEO, who will realize his long-awaited dream to go traveling for one year. Here you can check out Lukas’s goodbye story. Besides taking over a new role, Thomas will also become a shareholder next to the side of our founders Lukas and Gerd.


Thomas brings more than 10 years of experience in finance and banking and has now been working for smartvillage as Financial Manager for more than 2½ years. Besides accounting, controlling, or digitalizing the finance department, he has become the right hand of our founders – due to his entrepreneurial attitude, combined with the constant approach to continuously improve what we do. 


I’m excited to be part of the next phase of smartvillage and thrilled to get the opportunity to lead a team of knowledgeable, dedicated, and deeply motivated people that have created an incredible space from scratch.“ Thomas Rumann, Managing Partner & CFO


The new leadership team at smartvillage.
The new leadership team at smartvillage. Lukas will remain a shareholder and support in an advisory role.


What are Thomas’s goals for smartvillage’s future?  

“I like to successfully manage the pandemic and then exceed the realization of our long-term goals: Scaling up our business together with Gerd and the whole team. Every day, I’m struck by how infinite smartvillage’s potential is, and I want to bring in new perspectives, fresh energy, and commitment to make the most out of that. Especially this year, I will focus on strengthening our brand and grow the team, culture, and business sustainably, seeing business development and culture as key drivers.”

He’s committed to our company’s vision to  
become THE ecosystem when it comes to collaboration.  He further stated:


“I’m sure, that meeting physically in an inspiring atmosphere and creating real team experiences from time to time, will become incredibly important in the future. Simply, because people will value it even more – especially due to more remote working companies and newly emerged employees’ needs. Now – more than ever – all teams deserve to meet like never before and dive into the smartvillage experience together.”


But who is Thomas if he’s not working?  


Copyright Tanja Leithe (Instagram)
Copyright Tanja Leithe (Instagram)

Thomas is the perfect cultural fit for smartvillage. When he’s not working, he’s a coffee lover who enjoys celebrating „La Dolce Vita“ in his home country Italy on a trip with his friends, an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for cycling, ski touring, and running, and a broadly interested podcast listener.

Due to his passion for unnecessary accessories, Caio gave him – with a twinkle in his eyes – the name “Gadget-Bumi”, which has been adopted by the whole team.  


Beer or Wine? 10 fast questions for our new Managing Partner


The whole team is looking forward to this new chapter. Thomas has helped to make smartvillage what it is and has been supportive along the way.


“We already have so much exciting work that’s coming soon in the pipeline right now, and I know, that Thomas will do a fantastic job!”, says Lukas Koppitz, who’s leaving his active CEO role from now on.


Thomas takes over Lukas's position.
The last picture together with Lukas – co-founder and former CEO of smartvillage – who left his active role at smartvillage to realize his long-awaited dream to go traveling for one year.


So, have you met Thomas already?  


No? Meet him for a coffee at our beautiful location! And guess what? That’s an official invitation!  


We’re happy to see you around at smartvillage!  😉

Impressions from our beautiful smartvillage location.