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A new home for you and your team!

Are you looking to unfold yourselves and enhance your daily work routine? Book your very own work space in smartvillage. In cooperation with our trusted partner Haworth we have developed offices equipped with modern style furniture and accessories. Working desks, ergonomic seating ideal for long working periods and enough storage space for all the items you could possibly need.

Use our office infrastructure and your new-found freedom to concentrate on projects most important to you. Welcome clients at an innovative hotspot full of sophisticated companies and start-ups. smartvillage radiates life and allows you to meet interesting people from all over to extend your reach and expand your network.

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Book your own office space

Our offices are ideal for small working groups and teams comprised of around 3 to 5 people. Here you’ll find a place allowing for an agile work and freedom of mind. Arrange the room for your maximum comfort.

3 desk room

2.999€ per Month (excl. VAT)
3 months minimum term

4 desk room

3.799€ per Month (excl. VAT)
3 months minimum term

6 desk room

5.998€ per Month (excl. VAT)
6 months minimum term

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