Workspaces that move people – 6 Key Take-Aways

      smartvillage has already created many workspaces, at our own locations, but also for client projects. In our Munich spaces alone, we’ve welcomed more than 40.000 guests by now. Since our community has given us a lot of feedback over the years, we feel confident enough to share some key insights on how to move people […]

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The Evergreen Concept – Circular Together

        Every year, millions of tons of furniture are discarded by consumers and businesses. Under current models of consumption, one single workspace can represent between 300 – 700 pounds of potential waste – leading to 19M tons of office furniture wasted every year in the US and EU alone. At smartvillage, we’re […]

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Let’s recreate the workspaces of tomorrow at MorphoSys!

After 1,5 years of mainly working out of the home office, smartvillage supports MorphoSys on their way to a more open and flexible office concept and accompanies the transformation into a modern new-work environment.  

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